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ITADI Bundle (3 pack)

$68.85 $55.08

ITADI Bundle (3 pack)

$68.85 $55.08

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You need this.
Everyone needs this. I'm a middle-aged white guy with skin that can be oily, but also has had a bout or two with skin cancer from the Southern California sun. This stuff is magical in the way that it cleans so thoroughly, but is just gentle enough that I never worry about overuse. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean and fresh. Superb! But that's the more technical side. The aesthetic experience of using Itadi Face Wash is unrivaled. The smell, with just a hint of that coffee coming through, and the rich feel make for a moment of escape and luxury after a long day.

Bill F.

April 18, 2019

Face Wash

I'm hooked
This moisturizer is fantastic and helped my skin stand up to the harsh cold without flinching! I am a fan and intend to keep all three products in my daily regimen. You have an amazing set of products and I love the packaging as well.


Feb 15, 2019

Face Moisturizer

Newest addition to my skincare routine
I have combination oily skin and getting rid of leftover traces of makeup and dirt requires a thorough product such as this toner. I use it to clear off excess oil, unclog pores and prevent breakouts (of course). Besides restoring moisture, the toner smells great and will last you a long time. I got mine in the winter and intend to use through the summer. As a frugal spirit, this makes me happy.

Vienna Mbagaya

Mar 14, 2019