The fairytales of us living well came true

Having a connection to ones roots is not a story we all get to tell. Itadi was born out of the concerted focus to keep the past alive in the present and to drive towards re-birth. This story of regeneration starts with my father and his drive to reconnect to Togo, his community and the remedies engrained in Togolese tradition. My father’s connection to Togo is tied to two principle things: land and music, both of which become the essence of my own life and the ethos for Itadi. The land we cultivate our products from was a gift and now a gift we can share with our community. Our Coffee Berry comes from the hands of our farmers and is harvested the way it has been for generations. With this reverence for the land also comes a great responsibility. The beauty and industriousness of Africa is so limitedly depicted, Itadi is a way to connect to these stories day after day. And lastly, music. My father was able to bear witness to the world around him by his many travels and ability to share Togolese music with the world. Through this, my own passions were ignited and I firmly believe that music is the great healer. Itadi not only values healing, but the modes in which we heal through our daily movements and rhythms. Life is for living, so let’s live well. -Tabi Bonney, Founder