Skin Care Essentials

Skin Care Essentials

You know that feeling of that first warm breeze of the season tickling your face? Oh yeah, it’s about that time. 

That time of year when the weather romances us with warmth then bounces back to cold and our skin is like wtf?! Our hearts are getting excited for the new adventures in the coming  months, but wait- let’s talk about some spring time essentials for your skin, because we all know that Glow is EVERYthing! And the time to get it is Now.

Exfoliate: If you read our last blog, we discussed exfoliation and how important it is to do it regularly. Lucky for you, our ITADI Face Wash has those beautiful small bits of coffee bean that provide a gentle exfoliation for your skin. This is your reminder- if you’re not exfoliating, it’s time to start.  Winter skin is out of here, it’s all about that Spring/Summer glow now. So get into it.

Refresh: Warm weather means sweat. It’s important to have some on-the-go goodies on hand just for this. ITADI Toner offers a light mist of refreshing goodness for your face. Great for those days you’re relaxing in the sun or need a refresh after work, or even after a workout. If you’re extra sweaty or oily, dab your skin with an oil absorbing wipe, then spray the Toner directly on your face.

CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES: We don’t want to gross you out, but your make-up brushes, sponges, applicators, etc are breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast and mold which can not only irritate your skin but cause breakouts and infections. So yeah, get to cleaning! Gentle soap and water will do. 

Check expiration dates: Did you know products expire? Check the expiration dates on your make-up and beauty products. We don’t eat anything that’s expired so don’t put anything on your skin that’s expired. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. That’s why we advocate a clean lifestyle and clean products! It’s important.

SPF: This should go without saying… but protect ya skin! We love the Sun, she is amazing. But everyone’s skin needs some sun protection. 

Antioxidants: We are always talking about antioxidants, so why stop now?  We love to eat them and we love to put them on our skin.  Load up on berries, Kale, dark chocolate (YES!), nuts, green tea, coffee (of course) and… there are so many options, but you get the point right? We got your skin on the outside but you also have to nourish from the inside.

Hydration: If you think you’re drinking enough water, drink a little more. Infuse with fruit, mint, cucumber- experiment! And of course, your skin hydration powerhouse- ITADI Skin Care.

Stay safe out there. Live your dreams. 

Any subjects you want us to talk about in our upcoming blogs or ITADI skin care experiences you want to share?  Leave a comment and let us know, we’ll send you a special thank you.


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