Meet our Farmers

Meet our Farmers

When we say “farm to skin” this is what we mean:

We’d like to introduce you to Emmanuel, Yovo, and Panla- your ITADI farmers. These are the faces and hands that work directly with the raw ingredients on our farms in Togo, West Africa before they are shipped over to the US to be manufactured and bottled in Olympia, WA. We often don’t get to see the people who work hard to contribute to the things we consume daily. It is our mission to change this.

We want to break down barriers and connect worlds!

Some exciting news! We have teamed up with Grant For the Web to help us do just that. 

What does this mean for you?

We will be bringing you weekly and monthly content directly from our farms as well as the life and culture of Togo, West Africa. So basically, you will have a direct visual and digital connection to our farmers, farms, and everyday life in Togo. Sounds fun right?

With Grant For the Web, we are able to use Web Monetization to facilitate awareness and solutions to issues of financial inclusion, transparency, sustainability and equitable market access that have direct effect on cash crop farmers around the world.

We are all in a season of growth- it’s Spring in the U.S. and the beginning of the rainy season in West Africa.  We’d love it if you join us on this journey.

How you can get involved:

  1. We encourage you to sign up for a Coil account to see exclusive content and drops from Itadi. When you sign up for a Coil account you are directly supporting our farmers whenever you visit our page. We have given our farmers digital wallets in which 100% goes to them each individually. Find out more here: (you may have to go through Chrome)
  2. Check in for new updates weekly on our blog and sign up for our email list so you don’t miss exclusive drops.
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