Coffee Berry Does What?!

Coffee Berry Does What?!

Ok Ok, we have been telling you all about our product’s main ingredient `Coffee Berry.' 
With so much information and new ingredient and supplement trends coming at you each and every day, it can be overwhelming to keep up with and even harder to know what exactly is right for you. We feel you.  
We like our ingredients simple.  We like to know where things came from- preferably the Earth!
Makes me think of that old saying, “if you can’t pronounce it…it’s probably not good for you”.  Since we are getting to know each other, we want you to understand our values and ideals, because our products are created with that in mind.  We love being in Nature.  We love eating nutrient rich, whole foods.  We like living with intention and purpose.  We like feeling good about what we put in and on our bodies.  And we care about our community and want the same for them (you)! We want to feel good and we want to look good too! Basically we just want to live our best life.
So, let me get back to the coffee berry.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it before- or maybe you’ve heard it called by another name- coffee cherry, or coffee fruit. It’s all the same thing.  It comes from the coffee plant- yes the same coffee plant that produces the coffee beans you drink  every morning.  They look literally like berries.  And guess what, the coffee beans are inside the berries!  The berries are picked from the coffee plant, dried out and the voila, there is your coffee bean!  The berries actually do taste good and are good for you.  And their flavor can affect the taste of your morning cup of Joe. 
We could go on and on about the process, but let’s be real.  You want to know what this little coffee berry can do for you right?  They aren’t readily available so unless you are on the coffee farm picking the berries, they may be hard to find. 

 A little (or big) something you didn’t know about us- we have coffee farms in Togo, West Africa.  Nope, not just a connect to one, but it’s actually ours!  It is a family farm that has been passed down for generations.  We are so thankful to our ancestors for seeing the importance of owning land and keeping it in the family.  Thats kind of how this whole thing started really.  Honoring our father and grandparents was really important to us.  What better way to honor your family?  Start a company and name it after your dad. Make that two companies!  If you want to taste these coffee beans that come from the coffee berries that come from the coffee plants from our farm, you can order a bag!  It’s the most direct farm to table coffee you can get here in the US. 
We ship directly from our farm in Togo to Los Angeles where it is roasted in small batches.  (
Well, as I mentioned earlier, we love good things from nature so why stop at just a cup of coffee?  How about not wasting that coffee berry we got the bean from?  We learned how amazing and beneficial the coffee berry is for our skin and realized we needed to do something about that. Share it with the world!  So we did.  Instead of letting that sweet little berry go to waste, we have developed a skin care line based around it.  And we feel pretty good about it.  Because not only does it sound great, but the products actually ARE great.  (And we aren’t just saying that). Like I mentioned earlier, we are picky about what we eat and put on our skin.  So it was one thing to make a product, but a whole other thing to actually love the product and use it daily. 
And here we are.. and here you are.  Maybe you’ve already tried our products and know exactly what I’m talking about.  Maybe you’re just finding out about us and curious.  Check out the reviews from our customers personal experiences. Don’t just take my word for it.
But what does the coffee berry do? Great question..
It’s actually the most potent of ALL natural antioxidants due to its high levels of polyphenols and phenolic acids.  It smooths skin, neutralizes free radicals and prevents cellular damage.  It’s anti-inflammatory effect is very helpful for those with eczema, dermatitis and rosacea.  You’ve heard of the high antioxidants in green tea right? How about Blueberries? 
Well the antioxidants in coffee berry is thought to be 3x greater! 
A test on women ages 35 – 60 found that over three weeks, application of cream containing coffee berry reduced wrinkles, dry skin, and discoloration by 46% and improved skin softness by 64%. Yes, in just 3 weeks! 
Coffee berry contains five of eight rare essential monosaccharides, or essential sugars, which are essential for all around health and well-being.  I know, crazy right?!
To sum up some of the benefits of coffee berry for your skin, it:
  • helps to minimize collagen damage
  • Treats inflammatory skin diseases  
  • Prevents fine lines
  • Smoothes skin texture


 And this is just the coffee berry!  Have you heard of the other amazing ingredients in our skin care line?  Make sure to sign up to our email list to learn more.  If you’ve already tried our products we would love it if you left a quick review on our site. We look forward to getting to know each other a little better. 

Stay tuned for more! 

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